CORPUS ACROBATICS is located at Broedplaats BOGOTA at Haarlemmerstraatweg 79,

between Haarlem and Amsterdam. Train and bus station close to the studio.

Corpus Acrobatics is renting also to professional companies and colleagues who regularly need a space.

We have 2 studios:

Studio 1: has 2 motor hoists, a height of 8.30mt and a free floor area of ​​8x8mt.

Studio 2: is a space with a free floor area 8x5mt and a height of 2.5mt

In addition to flat floor rehearsals, training and disciplines that require height, performances and acts can also be rehearsed here furthermore. Both studios are very suitable for acrobatics, dance, music compositions, photo and television recordings, filming special physical acrobatic actions and effects, promotional purposes, product and object, set development and online presentations.

Corpus has all certified acrobatic materials and can also offer instructor/coach.

Free parking is available on site and is easily accessible by car, train, bus and bicycle.

For more information, please contact or Marley Eltz, 0619716997 or Vincent Michels, 0622982082

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