Over dit project

April 2022 Premiere of circus theater performance Bubbelonia in the Duif church in Amsterdam and in June at the outdoor Festival Vuurol.

Bubbelonia is inspired in the restricted live in “Bubbles” during the lockdown and pandemic.
In their new reality the bubble residents come slowly out of their bubbles celebrating the freedom. Adapting themselves to the environment and reconciliation of nature. The residents are transforming into hydride half animal, half human characters inspired by the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights from the Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch /El Bosco such as a frog, giraffe and a Siren.

In Bubbelonia the siren/mermaid is placed in a contemporary context, a feminine power and alert to the plastic waste in the oceans. A frog clown is showing many facets of the reckless man and falls in love with the siren. Gaia, the soprano, is showing with her voice the care for the earth. By her presence she gives the performance an opera feeling.

The performance has been supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fonds and the Kickstart Culture Fonds. For more information, technical requirements and quotation please contact; Corpus office Amsterdam: amsterdam@corpus-acrobatics.nl