Ovo/ Egg/ Ei

Ovo/ Egg/ Ei

50 Years Landjuweel Festival

June 2023, Amsterdam

The World Premiere from EGG/OVO/ EI  at the festival symbolizes the primal symbol of life and creativity. With a birth of a snake woman, a contortionist, is making a metamorphosis from amphibious in a crab/human contortionist.

More than 2000 spectators saw our performance in the high light from the festival in the sculpture route 29th June.

Landjuweel is the oldest festival in Amsterdam. The magical village of Ruigoord, hidden in the Amsterdam Port area, is the oldest sanctuary in the Netherlands and has passed on these traditions from generation to generation. In the village, dozens of artists work in studios and spaces at all kinds of gatherings where music, poetry, art, nature, magic and rituals come together.

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