Corpus Acrobatics is a well-established acrobatic theatre company out of the Netherlands that has been staging spectacular acrobatic shows all over the world for more than 25 years. Its circus theatre shows stand out because of their great visual impact, expression, sensational acrobatics, choreography, unique elegance and personal style.

Corpus acrobatics lab
Studio Rent/collaborations/ acrobatics classes/ artist in residence/ creation

Corpus acrobatics lab consists of 2 studios and is part of Broedplaats Bogota in Halfweg, located in a rural area between Amsterdam and Haarlem.

  • Studio 1 has 2 motor hoists, a height of 8.30mt and a free floor area of 8x8mt.
  • Studio 2 is a space with a free floor area 8x5mt and a height of 2.5mt

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Sunday 2nd of April in Slot Zeist organized by Stef Arntz Streetwise. The Golden ArrowContorsie/ slangenvrouw-act2000 jaar geleden werd in het oude China en Mongolië de krijgskunst van het boogschieten een danskunst. In deze special-act van 5 minuten brengt contortioniste Li Ling van Corpus een symbool van vrede en......

Orwell’s masterpiece transformed into a revolutionary opera. “Contortioniste Li Ling Kassing/ Corpus acrobatics is performing a small role as a butcher in the opera Animal farm” ” Animal Farm satire met bizarre klanken”. Click here for a review...

Performance ” Cupido & The Golden Rings” Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam With thanks to: Esther Bronkhorst Events Photo: Gabriel Scharis Weddingstudios