Acrobatics Lab

The Corpus International Acrobatics lab is a private acrobatics & circus arts education centre in Amsterdam. The coaches have significant experience in various acrobatics skills and the classic and contemporary circus arts.


The International Acrobatics lab is only accessible for talented acrobats with professional intentions. The acrobats are carefully selected after an audition. The duration of the education depends on the level of each individual acrobat and his or her background.

Educational and artistic approaches

The International Acrobatics Lab program emphasizes students’ overall development. It comprises a general education along with practical training in acrobatics.


In the early stages of specialized training, basic skills are mastered and versatility is developed. Then, depending upon the interest of Corpus and of the students, physical and artistic ability, students may choose to generalize, mastering more than one discipline among its various groups; or, opt to specialize in a single one.

Program Content

Specialized training includes courses in physical technique, dance, acting, as well as the basic and advanced techniques for aerials and acrobatics. The student/acrobat is directed to work in the specific style and identy of Corpus Acrobatic Theatre and has the opportunity to have a large stage experience.

Candidate Profile

To participate in the education program the candidate has first to pass an audition.


The ideal candidate possesses both talent and potential and is ready to pursue higher education. She or he has developed a high level of physical and psychomotor skills such as coordination, spatial orientation, flexibility and body awareness, and has demonstrated musicality.
The candidate has undertaken preparatory training in circus arts or dance, or practiced an advanced level of martial art or sport discipline such as olympic, artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, diving, or figure skating.


The candidate demonstrates obvious artistic inclination and great creativity, is autonomous, determined and disciplined, seeks new challenges, is curious, open to the world and to other artistic forms.

Main acrobatic disciplines and Techniques in the Education program


  • Contortion (solo and duo)
  • Hand to hand (static moves &tempo/ dynamic moves)
  • Trampoline
  • Tumbling
  • Cyr wheel
  • Chinese pole
  • Hand stand/equilibrisme
  • Perche

Physical preparation

  • Stretching & power
  • Condition training
  • Dance
  • Coordination
  • Alignment
  • Holistic development of the body



  • Expression training
  • Artistic Presentation
  • Improvisation training
  • Physical Theatre


  • Fix trapeze
  • Straps/ Strapaten/ Sengle
  • Ring/ Hoop
  • Tissue/ fabrics
  • Bungee
  • Indian rope